Wednesday, August 19, 2009


            The eyes of Miss"L", were looking in the eyes of Mme"C", some secret words ,were between them ,as a messages have been written inside their minds,it has written in these messages,"thus God accepted the prayer ".Mme "C" with her lovely smile ,said to Miss "L" ,"and so I can visit you in the future ,by the help of "K","and added "his unexpected project helped us, both in solving the problem of your transport means now ,and my future problem to find my way to your house" .So the light anxiety of the early morning ,have departed from their souls , both of them was glade, for the good surprise of Mr"K" and his wife .                                                                                                     After the breakfast ,the chef came in ,with Mr."K" and Mme "V" ,all of them co operated with Miss "L" ,to carry the baggages ,and put it in the car, there were a good place for Miss "L",with her dog ,behind the seat of Mr."K" and his wife,the three departed persons saluted the palace habitants, and said to them good bye, .then the car moved towards the rocky entrance, between the flowers of the autumn ,a last photos came to the eyes of Miss"L", to attach it in her memory, with a memory of  happy days of her visit . her mind worked some minuets ,to tell her how the sharing of the other human persons, are urgent to let the life pass smoothly ,as a love story . but she began to think about her awaiting duties at home .      Mme "K" ,"J" announced another surprise, which cut the thoughts of Miss "L" , she told her that the wife of the pastor has come,yesterday, and they were celebrating her coming, in the church, she sent with her a message, it was that ,she would come with her husband ,to visit her at her house , and because she knew that Mr."K" will visit her house ,with her, to make some business projects,she asked her to write, to the pastor to know the address, in order to find a suitable time for that visit ,  OH lovely "S" ." , Miss "L" shouted with exclamation ,some silent minuets, but it were not silent indeed, because the mind of Miss"L" was in a real argument .  She remembered "S" very well , she was the second friend of her, before she has married , she blamed herself because she did not ask for her, before the pastor,her husband .Of course she spoke with the pastor's daughter about "S", the mother of the girl , she remembered how she told her ,that her mother was one of her friends ,but why she forgot her before the pastor?? , she was really thanked God, for the love and the kindness of her friend "S" ,which made her declared her friendly emotions ,she must write a message to her ,after her arrival directly ,                                                                                                                           Her thoughts were cut again ,by Mr. "K", he asked her if she knew Mr."P" !!  the artist who have designed  the successful project, at the main square of his country !!! .    With a big surprise she replayed him, he is her neighbor, the father of the child "R"  ,.how did the relations between the persons in the human society, looks like a tall piece of clothes ,every part of it, connected with the other parts, through some real connections .                                                                                                  She told him, that she has known his wife, and if he wanted to meet him ,they must reach his house first ,before her house, to tell his wife ,to find with him an appointed time, to meet together ,Mr "K" told her with  laughing ,that he has sent him an appointed time ,in his message to him, and he will meet him after six hours . They entered the town Miss"L" asked Mr "K" to stop for sometime,before a super market, where she entered and returned after some minuets, carrying two small bags in her hands,  and a small boy followed her, with another, she find them a place beside her , and thanked the boy ,who returned to the super market .                                                  At last they reached the house of Miss"L" ,she opened the gate ,and the door of the house,the dog was before her running, to find his favorite places, under the trees , but he was also the first, who  entered the house , she welcomed Mr."K", and his wife, inviting them to take their rest at her house , and to take with her, the lunch ,to begin a new real stage in her life .                                                                                                                        and follows        Rev. Joseph


           The modern man ,has neglected the language of the eyes ,the language of the tongues urged him, to forget  the older pure language of the eyes , our Lord Jesus Christ remembered it many times,"Matthew 6.22 ,23 thine eye be single(or) thine eye be evil,or in 7.4,5 etc," .The two women were passing their times, the rest of the week, in walking in the palace's surrounded area , talking with each other,their beautiful eyes urged every one of them, to speak to her partner along her eyes, it was a true trusted way, to reach the reality .                                               Mme "C" discovered that ,her fault was ,when she has forgotten all the relations, between her and the out doors community, where she must share, and be active with its development .She found that her duty was, to take care of her family only , when her husband dead, and her son married ,she found no real relations ,with her new world, therefor she felt loneliness, In spite of Miss"L"'s past social history, she have found herself with her sister ,after the death of their fathers, searching with their mother, about another house far from their real house, sold the past ,and bought the new , their reasons were ,that the memory of their lovely father, may effect in their lovely mother ,and perhaps it might increase her sadness , at the new house they were conservative ,to some extend , their past life , has given their , a wrong conception , because the people were automatically , have built a relationship with them ,due to her father's position , they waited for them , but they did not make any active steps , that made the people escaped from doing any active relationships with them, her past nervous sister, urged the people also to avoid them .Their house with their father was a little church , full of life and sharing, but when the mother dead ,and her sister also dead in a horrible accident ,outside the house, she found herself no way ,she must live in loneliness , The two lonely women discovered their faults, while they were talking with each other , some comfort results was increasing ,day by day, until the last day, when Miss"L" was preparing her baggages again, to return ,they remembered their decisions to change their present loneliness, to be active in their human community, which surrounded them and prayed together , asking the help of God .   Mr "K" with his wife "J" came in, early in the morning, they have decided to visit Miss"L"'s country, to do some business , and to help her by the using of their car ,  it was a pleasant accident, to find herself cured, and healed from her bad illness, the loneliness .  Without any doubt ,God heard her voice ,when she asked him to help her, in finding a way to be active with the society , she would not search for a car after the breakfast, to find a kind driver who might accept to use his car, to help her to reach to her country, with her dog  , without any decent comment , like her last driver . . and follows                           Rev. Joseph

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


   The pastor was discussing something with Mr "K" , Mme"C"'s son ,  while Miss"L" was going to the behind door, where the girl was with the swing . At noon, the sun was in the middle of the sky, a low swing consisted of one seat with umbrella,were there at your left hand, under the grades of the stairs, it was clear that its color was white in the past time, but the sun gave her some of her yellow rise .The girl was sitting ,trying to make it swing in the air for a moment, and took her rest for many other moments , Miss "L" knew that the girl haven't enough power to use it , so she helped her , the smile of the girl was a real prize ,which pleased Miss"L" very much , you can not find pleasure before trying to please the others  , it is the shorter way for happiness , she was speaking with the girl , and the girl liked much to speak with her , but the sound of the chef ,who was standing in the open door of the palace ,made her stop her helping to the girl ,to give her a chance to prepare herself for the lunch ,she waited ,to accompany her to the dining room , but the girl went automatically to sit down beside her father , who stood up after some minutes,to go to the bathroom with his daughter to wash his hands ,and so the girl did ,and returned with him, to sit between Miss"L" and her father, after a little words of welcoming, the pastor prayed and they all began to eat .   While they were eating Miss "L" remembered her intended questions, which were in her memory about the past history ,which she have missed in the life of the pastor ,after leaving her country,At their way she intended to ask him ,but then ,her desire began to vanish gradually ,her curiosity towards these personal informations lost  its interests ,the loneliness symptoms of the curiosity have been healed by the love for the group, and the love which was in her heart then towards other people in her memory , she thanked God for the love which he gave her to love the people as they are, not because of what they were ,or what they might be in their future ,If you loved the person because he was successful ,in fact ,you do not love him, but you love yourself ,because you want to be a friend of a successful person, to steal some of his greatness, to yourself in your imagination as you are a friend of a successful person,If you love a person because he will be successful ,you are a selfish person, who wants to gain something of this success ,which he will pay its price by his hard work ,if you love a person, because he is a person,who has now the present qualification to deal with him with love,that is the real humanly love,But God loved us without any qualifications in ourselves . The meal was finished, after thirty minuets the pastor and his daughter departed,after them Mr"K" and his wife"J" ,and again she remained with her friend ,in the palace ,but without a feeling of loneliness a new atmosphere ,or a new spirit were in their soul , but it changed their conceptions in concern of many things around them, The palace itself became their way to the freedom, which it was in the past the beautiful prison, for a lonely woman., it was the miracle of the increased area of love in their surrounded society ,                                                            and followed                                                                  Rev. Joseph .

Monday, August 17, 2009


               The pastor's daughter looked like her neighbor's son "R", she was decent like him,she remembered how she was waiting any chance ,to find his ball in her garden ,or to meet him with his mother ,at many occasions ,on their way to their home . His mother and his father used to go to the church, and lift him in the church's school ,which always end after the meeting of the church ,the parents of the children ,usually wait for their children, but she used to return  in a hurry to her home . The pretty decent girl, were talking to Miss"L" ,all the time on their way to Mme"C" .  In spite of Miss"L"'s curiosity towards the pastor, she have decided while they were waiting for him ,with Mme"C" and her family , in her mind to know something about the last time , after his marriage and departure for the country ,with his wife, but the girl made her, forget her desire.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A sound of two dogs was the first sound ,which alert her ,to announce that they have reached , her motherly emotions awakened from his sleeping out of her soul , in spite of she did not marry ,and she could not bear a baby, if she married then, she left the pastor's car,thanked him, but waited the girl ,and catch her left hand by her right hand gently, as if she was her daughter ,and walked after the pastor, to enter the palace, and sat beside the girl in the hall ,with Mme"C''s family .           The feel of loneliness departed Miss"L", she felt that it departed forever, because of the great emotions of love, which exited from her heart,towards the group and the girl..     OH where was the girl ? she left the group and went directly, to a private place ,it was the old swing of Mme "C"'s son, which he was using it, while he was a child .Then she knew, why Mme"C" have invited the pastor with his daughter ,it was clear to her, that the girl used to visit this house with her father many times before.                                                                               Some words of welcoming have been said by Mme"C" ,and her son and his wife,to the pastor and Miss"L", but the pastor completed the welcoming task , by a short speech to welcome Miss "L", in his town ,and invite her to repeat it again, he was behaving with a great love, for his responsibility as a pastor , to welcome every guest, and invite him to the church .     It was pleasant to remember her father, and his pastoral visits to the people, sometimes he took her when she was a child, to visit with him , she remembered ,why he was allowing her to come with him , every time he have taken her with him ,because of the children who were in these houses ,she was playing with these children in the garden of their houses, to let the grown up people thinking ,and talking about their affairs,so the pastors girl did, but without a children mates .     At last ,Miss"L" felt her freedom from the prison, which she has prisoned herself inside its walls ,this prison was the prison of feeling loneliness, which she was the main director of its sad results , she decided to close this prison forever, by letting her good emotions, to flow like a flood to plant the children, of her church, to be a good mother for them ,during her task as a future master in the church's school ;and to open her house for the service of the church, like the house of her father from thirty years ago.      The Love is a kind of fresh sweet wind ,travels from one to another, It looks like the storm of the hate ,which passed from one to his society ,and destroy the whole community , but the love is able to build and establish a heavenly community , due to its heavenly nature, her eyes became as the eyes of a beautiful angel , the angelic scene of her eyes ,made her able to see the truth of her case ,.the love traveled from the heart of Miss"L" ,to the heart of Mme"C" ,who was also felt loneliness lately , to cut the low sounds of the members of the group ,who were busy in many couple whisper talking , to ask the Pastor, "please Reverend, can we invite the churches leaders, with their families, to pass their week end here, every week, to pray together and activate the social task of the church".         The pastor smiled and answered , " it is a great idea if they agreed,and great loving kindness of you, to open your palace for that kind of the church's social activities , but I think that they could not accept it every week , may be a week for the leaders of the church, and another for the new members, etc, but we wish to see Miss"L" with us next week" . .  Miss "L" answered quickly , no, thank you, I have some duties to do, at my house with my church                         and follows    Rev. Joseph

Thursday, August 13, 2009


              There were many rooms in a separate building, on the out yard of the church, in the front of one of them, Mme"C"'s son and his wife,the two composed a lovely small family,their figure made you recognize them, they were waiting , watching forward in the faces of the people. At last they have recognized Mme "C"'s face and shape ,and moved towards her, while Mme"C" and Miss"L" were moving towards them, they  met in the middle of the way ,saluted each other ,and returned to the same room, which they were standing in front of its door, it was the office of the pastor.   They entered  it, and waited some minutes, when the pastor came, he told them, that he would go with them to the palace of Mme "C", because she have invited him, and his small daughter ,to take the lunch with her, and her friend Miss"L" and her son with his wife,. All of them departed to complete their taking, in the palace,Mme"C"'s son Mr,"K" ,and his wife "J" invited the group to ride their car ,but the pastor said with smiling to them "you and your mother use your car, but me and my daughter and Miss"L" will follow you". all of them obeyed . The pastor went with Miss "L" to his car ,to find a little girl about six years old ,waiting in a car,when she observed her father with Miss"L", she left the car and walked to salute Miss"L", and welcomed her ,she had a lovely childish face, with a golden bight hair , you would like to speak with her, if  you saw her, so Miss "L" liked her very much , the pastor was waiting for them in the car, they moved ,but the road were more shorter than the road during the morning, were it shorter really ,or the lovely girl with her father ,obliged Miss"L" to forget the time, and the distance !!,Our senses leads us somtimes to some unreal facts----------------------  Followed Rev. Joseph


                     The curiosity was obvious in her eyes,while she was entering the church, the church were full of people,and again the different perfumes of the roses, came from the the different ladies, while she was passing between their rows ,to sit on a seat ,where a girl about the twentieth years of her age, led them,her eyes were moving here and there ,as if to ask a questions, her questions were emotional, what was her feelings then ,.let us ask her eyes, those two pearls in her face,were moving towards the windows, the windows were about two meters width and four meters height , with colored glass, which allows a different colors of rises ,five of them were on her left hand, and the same number on her right hand ,A high place in front of her ,where the choir members were standing in three rows ,at the left side over the high place the rows of the men ,at the right side were the rows of the girls ,between them a little high table where some one standing, covering his face with his hands, praying in silence, he was sure the pastor of the church ,she also closed her eyes to pray in silence, she dismissed all her thoughts out of her mind, and began to contact her creator ,her keeper,her real father but her real continuous friend,his name is God of all ages,   A little minutes passed on,she opened her eyes to see,the face of the pastor,it seemed to be familiar,but she couldn't remember,who was he, he began to speak,also his voice was familiar but she couldn't distinguish it ,it was not a problem ,who was he ,she must listen carefully,using both by her mind ,and her heart ,to understand the word of the life,he was welcoming his audience, inviting them to the worship , giving a summary of the program,and welcoming the visitors of the church ,then the worship began ,    The sermon touched the heart of Miss "L" deeply,she forgot that she was a visitor, something made her felt that she was in a familiar church, with a familiar group of worshipers .   After the end of the worship ,she sat at her seat beside her friend Mme"C" ,waiting their chance to went out ,after the long rows of the worshipers,her friend told her that she might meet her son with his wife, after exiting from the church, in the out yard hall of the church ,the eyes of Miss "L" reflected some happiness ,with some comfort,but her friend knew what was in Miss"L"'s eyes and mind, therefor she added" but that is not the surprise"she said with a smiley face, Miss"L"'s eyes returned to reflect her different expectations, while the same girl who have led them to their seats, came to led them to the row of the outgoing worshipers,they moved slowly ,until they have reached to the pastor ,who was standing at the door ,to salute the worshipers one by one .   It was a big surprise ,while she was saluting the pastor, when the light smile of his face ,changed to astonishment, with a more high scale in his tone, to call Miss"L" by her name, without any need of Mme"C". it was a big surprise sure,.  She remembered his voice,and remembered his face, her weak eyes were not able to notice that in the church,his voice along the microphone was also different ,he was one of past members of their church where he  , Miss"L" and Mme"C" passed there time from the childhood to the adulthood ,thirty years ago.    He invited them to his office after some time ,with Mme"C"'s son and his wife .They accepted the invitation and exited to meet Mme "C"'s son and his wife---------------------    Followed Rev. Joseph